What Others Say

From Colleagues (pulled from LinkedIn):

“Ed has the ability to infect people…. with his enthusiasm, his curiosity, his playful wit and his hunger for knowledge. His intellectual agility, his wide interests, and the playful way he interacts with challenges make working with him a pleasure. Unfortunately if you attend one of his presentations, you can expect to fall behind in your texting and emailing as you will not be able do anything but marvel as he spins his tale and captivates you for the duration.”

Robert Irving, Mgr, Info Systems, MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), Institute for Medical Informatics

“Dr. Ed Tori is one of the most articulate people I know. His keen intellect, winning personality and agile mind are a rare combination, and I look forward to every opportunity to work with him. Dr. Tori has an uncanny ability to see patterns in complexity that really help lesser mortals (such as me) to quickly understand things more quickly. He is also a very astute observer of human behavior, and can help any team to perform at a higher level through his understanding of team dynamics and the best ways to motivate people to work together. It has been and continues to be my pleasure to work with him.”

Bruce MacKinnon, Sr. Director, Clinical Systems Development, MedStar Health

“Edmund is refreshingly innovative and is able to understand and explain concepts where others are lost. Through his unique knowledge and ability to leverage of today’s communications technology (including web and social networking) he is able to enable his colleagues and clients to develop ‘impact multipliers’ to achieve their goals. An ‘innovative enabler’.”

Michael Pietrzak, MD, Director Strategic Inititatives, MedStar Institute for Innovation

“Ed is an extremely bright, creative and innovative individual. He is very good at thinking outside the box and articulating his ideas to others. He combines the experience and perspective of a seasoned clinician with an in depth knowledge of the web and social media. He also has tremendous insight into the creative process and how ideas are generated. He is thoughtful, collaborative and a good listener. He is incredibly productive, juggling clinical, administrative and educational roles. This, in addition to a large family and a rigorous personal fitness regimen. Truly impressive! Ed is someone you’d always like to have on your team. I can recommend him without reservation.”

Mark Soberman, MD MBA, Director, Thoracic Surgery, MedStar Washington Hospital Center

From Public Speaking Events:

“Dr. Tori was fantastic. I’d like to see more from him in the future.”

“Dr. Tori was a great speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.”

Anonymous feedback from evaluation forms at the ASHP Leaders Conference, Chicago, IL