Because so many people ask me questions about the web, time management, social media, etc… I decided to post a resource list. Essentially these are products or services I use personally or that have come highly recommended from someone I trust. And where I was able to, I signed up for an affiliate program related to that service – this means that I could earn a small commission if you purchase something after clicking through some of the links below. I am telling you this for several reasons: (1) I want to be transparent, (2) I want to tell you that your cost is not affected, (3) I never link to anything I do not recommend, and (4) you can use these types of links to earn some extra money.

Again, though… these products and services are listed because I recommend them. If I make a commission, it is only after the service being something I would recommend. Sometimes I put some notes after the links (places to find coupons, tricks when ordering, or things to watch out for).