Where Innovation Is Sorely Needed In Healthcare

When you are “preaching to the choir”, usually, it means you are safe… The ideas you have are already known to resonate with your audience (“the choir”).

The first time I presented the ideas mentioned in this video, I was speaking to “the choir” (a group of people known for thinking outside of the box and entertaining new ideas before rejecting them). However, the response was anything but supportive. I was nearly laughed out of the room.

Two people spoke up, though. One publicly said, “Now wait a minute. Oftentimes, when the whole group laughs at an idea, you will find that whatever was just said may very well be the most creative thing you’ve heard all day.”

The other, pulled me aside afterwards and asked me to talk to him more about my ideas because he was quite intrigued.

It is difficult enough to address a few hundred people. It is even more difficult to actually get the guts to present ideas that were previously thought by innovators to be ridiculous. But I did it anyway. What I discuss here is too important.

See for yourself and let me know what you think:

The feedback I’ve gotten from this talk has been tremendous. Emails have flooded in clamoring for more. And more is coming… I will be releasing a course on influence for health professionals and caregivers.

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