#MedEd Tips for Using Google Glass

We all know that there have been several disruptive changes to education in recent years… Well, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Heads up displays like Google Glass are going to reshape that disruption curve into a hockey stick. Now, I am not so sure that society is ready for heads up displays to be used in public. The privacy concerns and the potential negative consequences are huge. But, so too, is the potential awesomeness.

I suspect this technology will bring the best out of the best people, and the worst out of the worst people (and institutions)… but we’ll see. Whether or not it’s a good thing, it’s coming. So, I’m preparing for that future. And (hopefully) you’ll include me among those “best of people” for it.

If you’re in your medical training (med school, internship, residency, etc), nursing training or if you are an instructor, here are a couple tips for using Glass in health professional education:

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